Incitato Art Camp Kézdivásárhelyi, Rumania


From 29 June till 13 July my partner Joop Vaissier, which is also an artist and I were invited to the XVI Incitato Art Camp in Kézdivásárhelyi in Rumania. We really had a very good time there. With about 15 artists we stayed for two weeks in Bálványos a touristic place with thermals near Kézdivásárhelyi. This place is in Transilvania, the Hungarian part of Rumania the people spoke Hungarian. There were also some artists from Hungaria. The theme is always something with horses and this time it was 'Horses and Warfare'. I did the project 'Warhorse' inwhich I was painting a white horse in camouflage colours.

It was nice to be part of this Art Camp, we met a lot of different artists, some making more traditional art but also very modern work. But  performance artworks like Joop and I were making was not very famuiair. But we were told it is not unknown in Rumania and there is even an artcentre in St. George which shows this kind of work. We will get in contact with this place.



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