Maritime Monument Maassluis


24 April is the presentation of the two sketch designs for the Maritime monument in Maassluis (see 30 January). Hans Blank made a statue of tree monumental figures who virtual pull on a row. It is a quite rough sculpture.The sculpture that Tom Puckey made is very poetical and searching; a pall hold by two hands that let it quietly fall down on the water (a plate of marble).The designs have both a very different sphere, we decide to vote later when the inhabitants of Maassluis also made their vote.

The 27the of April is the final presentation of the course “Short Documentary” (see November 2005 and Februari 2006, The last week everybody worked very hard on his or her movie. I can give some good tips and nearly force some people to make some very important changing’s. This time the members of the course made six short documentaries. Not al the videos have the quality they should have after three months course. It is a pity because some people worked really hard on it. Of course there have been the problems with shooting (people don’t want to be interviewed or are too late) but this will happen always you have to learn to handle it. Happily there were two persons who made a very nice short documentary and certainly one of them is talented.

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