Shootings Berlin for short movie

 1 and 2 Mai I arrange the exhibition of the two designs for the Monument in the town hall of Maassluis (see April). The inhabitant can also choose, their vote will be include in the decision. It is a lot of work because the people can also vote on the internet and I will have a good presentation for both the artists on the internet and in the town hall. On 9 May I do a presentation about the designs for about 40 inhabitants of Maassluis. The people are very interested and the are glad the came to the meeting.


12/13 Mai I shoot two days in Charlois in Belgium. My ant lives there, she and my mother (who died August 2005) have had a very unlucky youth. I’m thinking of making a movie about it. It is a very heavy weekend. Most of the stories she told me before, but to hear it at once is very impressive.


22 Mai the votes of the inhabitant of Maassluis are count, now the commission has to vote. Hans Blank his design is voted.

23-26 Mai we go to the Biënnale in Berlin, I make some shootings for a new short film. I decided this time not to make a really film plan, but just let things happen and look afterwards if I can use the shootings. I’m a little bit tired of “ big projects”  wherefore one has to make scenarios, film plans est. Therefore I want to make some short movies without too much plans before.

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